Dr. James A. Evans

Dr Evans is a 1977 graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic. At graduation he was the recipient of the John Connolly Award as the “Most Outstanding Graduate”.
He holds a Diploma in Acupuncture and a Graduate Diploma in Animal Chiropractic from RMIT University. He is a Sessional Lecturer at RMIT University, and a Senior Clinician at the RMIT Community Clinics

While in private practice for more than 31 years he is a Past President of the Australian Chiropractors Association [Victorian Branch] and has served as a committee member at both State and Federal level. At the same time he served as a Member of the Board of Management of the Bairnsdale Regional Hospital. Over 17 years he served in every executive position including that of President. He was the BRHS Representative on the Victorian Healthcare Association Divisional Council for over 8 years. He has taken a special interest in Aged Care, mostly with BRHS where he was made a Life Governor in November 2008 upon retirement from the Board.
Dr Evans technique approaches extend to Thompson, and a multitude of other mechanically assisted techniques. He has expertise in Activator and Torque Release and shows far above average understanding and competence with Applied Kinesiology, Sacro-Occipital technique, Neurolink and Blocks. He has expertise in Extremity Adjusting using Thompson, manual and Activator techniques and Spinal Pelvic Stabilisation.

He is experienced in the use of Metagenics Nutrition using Bio-Impedance to monitor patient progress and the use of IFAS (High Frequency Therapy) and Laser when and where indicated. In all of his work Dr Evans emphasizes the importance of setting ongoing programs that are verifiable and which promote continuous improvement. This is coupled with Monitoring of vital signs on a regular basis.

His presentation:

Dr Evans will be presenting an intriguing discourse on the precise use of “Segmental Drop-Piece Tables”.  He will explain in detail the application of such mechanisms for clinical use.. He will not only explain the use of such equipment, but also the advantages for you, as the practitioner, and for your patients.

Dr Evans will outline the history of Derefield–Thompson leg length analysis and the development of adjusting protocol for full spine adjustment. He will demonstrate the application of Applied Kinesiology protocols to drop-piece adjusting, and the use of Activator and Torque Release instruments as an alternative to Drop-Piece techniques.

He will introduce you to the science of Metagenics Nutrition and the use of  Bio-Impedance  as a non-invasive patient progress monitoring tool.  Extremity adjusting with streamlined approach for every patient visit, Drop Piece-Activator- TRT- Racquet Ball will be a bonus not to be missed. Dr Evans will also discuss Spinal Pelvic Stabilisers – The case for orthotics in the management of posture and spinal care.

Putting it All Together:

In his final session Dr Evans will dwell upon your “Typical Consultation and Treatment”  and how you might apply what you have learnt from this Seminar in your office on ‘Monday’!  Not just from his presentation but from all three contributions.


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