The Asia Pacific Chiropractic Doctors’ Federation is an organization which was formed to represent the interests of the chiropractic profession throughout the Asia Pacific Region. The Federation was first mooted in Tokyo in 1997 as a body representing Asian countries. At a meeting held in Sydney in 2005 it was suggested by regional associations that it expand and include the pacific region. At that meeting a pro-tem chairman and secretary were appointed..

At this stage of development member countries are as follows:-

Australia, China*, Hong Kong-SAR China, India, Indonesia*, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand (*Pending).

The Federation is affiliated with the World Federation of Chiropractic but its Headquarters is in Australia. The Executive Director is Ms Krystina Brown who has for many years served the chiropractic profession in this region as the Chief Executive Officer of the Chiropractors Association of Australia. Council members come from four different countries; President Dr Janet Sosna and council member Dr Terrence Yap from Singapore, Vice-President Dr Kei Takeyachi from Japan, Secretary Dr Dennis Richards from Australia and Treasurer Dr Taegsu Choi from South Korea.

The Federation was incorporated under the Association Incorporation Act, 1984 in New South Wales, Australia on the 30th May 2008.

Members of chiropractic associations from any of the countries listed above are welcome to attend the General Assembly of the Federation which will commence on Friday 27th February 2009. It is of course the wish of the Council that each country send delegates to represent their association. Members of the profession are also welcome as observers at meetings of the Council.

Delegates from Member Associations may obtain a “Delegates Form” from the Federations Office  on the following link gm@caa.asn.au

The Conference Committee Chairman Dr R Graham Hunt AM DC MCSc DipLS FICC FACC may be contacted by email at drrghunt@gmail.com .


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